The Day After Valentine’s Day

So you’re back! Yesterday was Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, which I think is stupid) and I didn’t do a thing for it. I mean of course I told all my friends and parents Happy Valentine’s Day and all. However, I realize just how not having a significant other worries people. Do you know what I say to those people? Stop worrying.You don’t need another person to show you love. Be your own Valentine.   single

Valentine’s Day for me is always a bittersweet holiday because I wold love to have someone do all that mushy things with like going out on a date, getting flowers or chocolate, or even getting a gift. At the same time, I don’t want all that. Especially only for one day. I feel that is desperation out of trying to stave off loneliness. To me, that is all the wrong reasons to be with someone. Valentine’s Day should be the day to show the people in your life that you appreciate them. I mean you should do that everyday but February 14th just seems extra special.

All I can really say about Valentine’s Day is that is no different than any other day. You have to love yourself before someone can love you. So if you are single, embrace it. If you aren’t embrace that too. Valentine’s Day isn’t about getting some gift that you will probably never look at again afterwards but it is more just to say “I thank you for being you and that you are in my life”. That applies to yourself and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Celebrate love, just not on Feb. 14th but everyday.


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