Late Night Thoughts

So I just watched a couple of videos about what other races think about black women and how blacks sometimes perceive whites. What I learned from both is there is a lot that we as culturally divided humans do not know about each other and we need to have an honest open dialogue without fear of reprisal.

So now I am going to do just that from my side of things. I am a young African American college educated woman but that doesn’t mean I am exempt from the struggles of a black woman. I have had comments about my hair, face, and body. Especially my ass cause I have an ass. Some of those comments have been positive, some negative. And I realize that if I was a less informed person I would be super offended by these actions*:
1. Touching my natural or braided hair (especially right after I spent 8 hours in some French-yelling African lady’s chair who spent the whole time pulling on my scalp)
2. Asking me if I wash my hair (Do you? There is your answer.)
3. Touching my boobs or ass (can you say a swift beat down? I know my rear looks like it is a whole planet by itself but “look don’t touch”)
4. Touching my face (My smooth chocolate skin is not for you to pet. Plus I don’t know where your hands have been.)
5. Calling me loud and defensive when I ask legitimate questions.
6. Assuming my name is ghetto because it is different (it is Ah-sha. Not Asya, Asia, Iesha, Isha or Ursula. It is Swahili. I am Nigerian as in I-still-have-relatives-who live-there)
7. Telling me I can’t wear a shirt because it is “distracting to the learning environment” (I am not going to apologize for the curves I can’t control. Boys are stupid buttheads sometimes, not my fault)
8. Telling me or my sister our bottom piece of clothing is too short or the rear sticks out too much when we clearly saw Samantha and Kelly with the same exact skirt on.
9. Telling me I am pretty for a dark skinned girl (that’s a whole other post).
10. Starting a sentence with: “I don’t mean to be offensive but…”

*Btw, just because I understand and am willing to fill your curiosity doesn’t mean you should repeat these actions. THIS LIST OF ACTIONS ARE OBVIOUSLY NO-NOS!

Honestly, if you are curious about anything I’d rather you ask and I’d be uncomfortable for 2.5 seconds then you say some ignorant shit and upset people. Speaking of ignorant shit people say…

I debated whether to put this subject up, but I am anyway. White privilege…yes I know some members of the majority like to think it doesn’t exist but it does. When people of color talk about white privilege they aren’t talking about Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg rich white privilege. We are talking about knowing people of color’s struggle and oppression. The depth of the scars that were left on a culture of once kings and queens of Africa will never be known. It will never be known because they have no reference point. Just like I have no reference point about being a white American woman. The privilege is the subconscious betterment that the majority gets over the minority, societally, racially and culturally speaking. No matter what how equal one is in socioeconomic status, there will always be a dividing line. As humans, we naturally categorize things. That’s okay, the not so okay part is the advantage that is clearly shown a bit too often.


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