So Sunday was the Super Bowl, and if anyone knows me knows that I have no interest in sports. The only thing I did watch was the Halftime Show. One word. BEYONCÉ! Ok so I know Bruno Mars and Coldplay were there too, but let’s be honest, no one cared. Now, I’m not like a superfan or part of the #Beyhive or anything, but I do enjoy her music and performances. This one I liked immensely! From her Black Panther-esque background dancers, to her drum majors and marching bands, the majorette formations and slick dance moves…I was being so ratchet I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t complain. She performed her new song Formation. Total #Blackpride anthem!

Now for those who are saying this is some sort of “anti-police” song. I’m gonna need you to actually open your listening ears and pay attention. There are even articles online breaking down the meanings and images in the song, just Google it. What she is speaking on is nothing new. Our concerns have always been the same. You just now realize what we have been screaming about for centuries, since you forced my people on those boats and into slavery. It’s about celebrating the black experience and being proud of where you came from and where you are going. As James Brown’s iconic song goes “SAY IT LOUD! I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD!”

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