King Kunta and his Epicness


So DID YOU SEE THE GRAMMYS LAST NIGHT??? Well, I didn’t, I had a test to study for (Let’s not talk about how it went..) I heard anyone who was anyone really didn’t show up anyway. However, I did hear all about Kendrick Lamar’s win for Best Rap Album of the Year (J.Cole Best Rap Album of the Year 2017!!) and the shade Taylor Swift threw at Kanye (don’t really care). But what I really wish I did tune in for was Kendrick Lamar’s EPIC performance of songs from his album To Pimp A Butterfly. He started off with “The Blacker the Berry” and ended with “Alright.” Now not only is the chain-gang totally epic but I was so feeling the African drums and dancing. It made me think of those live art installation at MoMa or a tribal dance portrait I’ve seen throughout the years. While it was a great kaleidoscope of colors, it also spoke to raise the social consciousness. It dealt with issues of incarceration, fame, and the black experience. While some woefully missed the message and gave him the same treatment they gave Queen Bey, I urge you to pay attention to what he says and the world around you.Be socially conscious. Do not settle.  And to those who are comfortable in their ignorance and misinformation…fuck you! Our time is now, whether you like it or not.


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