From Venus to Mars: A Man’s Guide to Womankind


So I have started a new project. It is an advice guide for men about women (but women can read it also). The reason I’ve started it? Because there are so many books about women understanding men and so few about men understanding women. Also, most men just seem immature at my age group and Image result for male and female symbols I’m tired of them making stupid mistakes that could be avoided. So I’m here to educate. From this point on I will be talking to the men, but women you can chime in when necessary. Just post a comment or send me a message.

Now men, I want to say that despite what it seems like, the majority of women will give you a chance to at least talk to them if you follow these rules. Now here’s my disclaimer, these are general rules and do not work on every woman you come into contact with. I know it has been said to death, but EVERY WOMAN IS DIFFERENT.  What works with one woman might now work with another. Now as a woman who your “game” never works on, I’m tired you doing things that make me say “Fuck it. I’ll be alone.” Now I’m not saying every man treats women horribly or that the one’s who do mean to. I just think you needs some education and I’m here to give it to you. You’re welcome.